“Do Not Talk to Strangers!” Our Mom’s drummed it into our heads. It must have stuck because those are the words that guide us. It’s how we approach all of our communications engagements.

1  Don’t Be a Stranger

This is about positioning and personality. Just like a real person, how does your brand portray itself? What solution is it offering and for whom? Are your voice and messages in tune with your target audiences? Are your voice and messaging across all channels and touch points – both pre- and post-purchase?

2  Don’t Treat ’em Like Strangers

Think about it, no one you talk to is really a stranger. Whether it’s inbound or outbound, you know something about who you’re talking to – their demographics or their behavior. Even with a small amount of data, you can begin to tailor your communications for your audience from the very first touchpoint. With each subsequent interaction, you can refine your messages based on the feedback you receive from your individual recipients, eventually engaging in true relevant one-to-one conversations.


By using cross-media marketing to its fullest potential—we create incredibly personalized experiences for your audience members. At Cipher Creative, we’ll help you connect, use technology to your best advantage, capitalize on the possibilities—and turn strangers into engagers.