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Opening clients’ eyes
to wide range of products

In digital printing, there used to be very few paper choices. There’s a leftover bias: people think their choice is either coated or uncoated paper. But at Appleton Coated Paper, the choices are extensive. With so many colors, grades and finishes—clients no longer have to limit themselves.

Showcasing just  a few paper samples just wouldn’t cut it…

To help Appleton educate the market and showcase their extensive line of digital-printing papers, Utopia Digital—we developed U Choose: a comprehensive collection of cards to showcase the element of choice. We employed striking designs with popular, choice-provoking sayings like: sink or swim, give me liberty or give me death, and you say tomato, I say tomato.

“Chris and the team at Cipher were able to take subjects daunting to most creative firms—data and variable—data printing—and create a printed promotion that inspires and educates. It’s a delicate balance that they navigated well. The design and print production were tremendously well-executed.”

While playing a lively game of choice, clients would experience the tactile benefits of different papers, see the vibrant options, and save them for the future. Appleton’s reps have found these cards to create great interactivity and fun among clients—in addition to being an effective educational tool and resource.

Our client Ferkó Goldinger, advertising and promotion manager at Appleton Coated, tells us that customers “rave about” the piece.



About Appleton Coated
Appleton Coated offers a range of quality coated papers for publishing, marketing, packaging and printing, both conventional and digital. Appleton’s brands include Utopia, a line of coated papers ranging from high-end Premium to hardworking value grade Utopia Three, and Curious, a collection of metallic, translucent and intriguingly textured paper stocks.