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Raising Donations with Highly Personalized Marketing

Trinity College wanted its fundraising campaign to have as much impact as a ton of bricks. And it did. We created a highly personalized marketing campaign to promote the College’s sale of commemorative bricks for a plaza on campus. For the promotional brochure, we chose a square format and a heavy textured paper, to echo the shape and feel of the bricks (the shadow on the cover reflects the signature chapel on Trinity’s campus). We tapped the power of variable-data printing to reproduce each recipient’s name on the cover and on the order form, creating a detailed view of what their engraved brick would look like. The imagery was so realistic that most donors called to order their bricks and held on to the order form and brochure as a keepsake. Talk about impact: Trinity College alumni snapped up the limited-edition run of more than 1,800 bricks.