4 Pickup Lines for Personalized Marketing

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cheesypickupSo you’re ready to deliver personalized marketing to your customers and prospects. Great! But before you get out there and start mingling, make sure you’ve got your website SEO ready, landing pages loaded, marketing automation fired up, and content marketing plan maxed out. They may sound like pickup lines, but hey, aren’t they?

What’s your name?
I know, I know, this sounds silly, right? But I received a letter from my alma mater. I saved it to remind me of how not to talk to strangers. Mind you I have a BFA in graphic design and an MBA from this institution. The letter I received was addressed to “School of Fine Arts and Marching Band Alumni:” Nice touch, eh? If you are reaching out to someone, you have their name — so use it! I know it’s not magical, and most people understand how a mail merge works, but people also understand impersonal, cold and lazy too.

Where ya from?
Along with a name usually comes a location. Perhaps it’s physical geography or maybe it’s an online connection. Either way, you know something about where they’re “from.” If your product or service is geographic, use the recipient’s geographic information and show how you are nearby, or can deliver to their area. If the prospect is an online lead, you should know how they provided their email, and how they entered your website – the keywords they used, the landing page they visited, or the subject matter of the webinar they attended. You can use that information to tailor your communication back to them.

What do you do?
What a person does should tell you how your product or service can help them, and why they might be interested. Their company will tell you the vertical market that they’re in, and their title may help determine what role they may have in the buying and decision-making process.

Do you come here often?
Yes, this is a creepy question. But it’s really a question about past behavior. What types of interactions have individuals had with your organization? This will include email opens and clicks, website visits, webinars attended, downloads, phone calls, and sales conversations. How can you take those interactions and tailor the information you deliver to them? This data will help determine where the prospects are in the sales funnel and what features that they are interested in.

This list of questions is not meant to help you on Match.com, but you should be using what you know about your customers and prospects to customize the messages they receive. Make them know you are listening to them. Yes, these are relationships, and we all know relationships are only as successful as the work you put into them.