Was it Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Revolver?

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Classic Clue game from 1949, Parker Brothers
Found this at an estate sale today. Visually it was so appealing because it told so many stories to me. It’s Clue from 1949. Everything about it evoked a different time period, from the printing to the quality of the game pieces. And the finished game cards, filled out in pencil made me think about the family that played it, how similar they probably were to my own – just decades apart. In an instant my head filled with stories, connecting the visuals and tactility with memories and thoughts connecting past and future. In today’s “content is king” world, how do you make sure you’re telling a rich story that makes a connection? How does it all come together when it’s ultimately up to the savvy prospects of today to piece the clues together to determine that it was really Mrs. Peacock in the Billiard Room with the Knife?